An Ode to My Husband

The last several months have been hard on Jonathan and I to say the least. And I know my moods haven’t necessarily been a sundae with a cherry on top for him. But he’s been patient and loving, for which I’m so grateful. And so I wrote this poem for him.

I love you so
            The list is long
            Of how you’ve made my life
A happier song
Through good and bad
We’ve stuck like glue
No one and no thing
Could ever undo
The treasured feelings
I have for you
I am so grateful and always aware
Of how blessed I am, to have you near
You’re my hero, my champion, my sweet
You’re the one who makes my heart complete
Memories of joy and memories of pain
We’ve bridged them together
Through mountains and plains
When I’ve felt like caving in
You’ve been at my side, you’ve been my dearest friend
I am beyond glad
That you are my man
I am beyond happy
To hold your hand
Together we continue this journey of life
It’s you and me baby
We’re gonna be alright

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