Mouse Madness

This morning, I awoke to the sound of cats making a ruckus in the hall. After plucking Isabella from her crib, we go into the hall to investigate. 

I notice that there’s a furry object tucked between the crevice of the wood laminate floor and the wall. (We have to finish the baseboards). At first glance, it appears to be a caterpillar.

As I get closer, I notice a tail.

Henry keeps pawing the little thing, and it begins to move. 

Sure enough. We’ve got a small gray mouse in the house.

I grab a Q-tip to try and push the thing out, but Henry’s going bananas and the mouse is wedging in further. So I did what had to be done.

 I took the mouse by the tail and yanked him out.

Bella is so excited and asks if she can pet the mouse. I say no as I hunt for a box. 

All the while, the mouse is dangling between my fingers and Henry is jumping at my ankles. 

Once the mouse is in the box, my mind ponders what I should do with it?

And that is when the thought dawns on me…maybe the girls would enjoy a snack…

P.S. The mouse was resilient. And lived to see the neighbor’s backyard.

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