Cordero Family Flock


  Tiffany is my alpha hen. She rules the roost. She is an Ameraucana hen and lays beautiful teal and white dotted eggs. She’s loyal and sweet to humans, but she keeps all the other hens in check.


Lily is second in command, or in chicken terminology, pecking order. She’s quick to bawk when the water is dirty or the food is getting low. She lays big teal eggs that match her big appetite. She acts like Queen Ameraucana, but she’s still subservient to Tiffany. Each night, she places her head under Tiffany’s neck, and they sleep side by side.


Aretha is my gorgeous Black Star hen. She struts like she knows she’s foxy, and she has a brave little attitude to match. I think Lily is most jealous of her. There have been a few scuffles, but Aretha can handle herself. You go girl.


Charlene is near and dear to my heart. She’s my sweet Isa Red. She was the first girl to be named in the batch of chicks. One day we noticed that her feathers were looking a bit crispy. Upon further examination, we noted that the heat lamp was too close and she was getting charred. That’s when I began calling her my little Char-lene.


Lola is my showgirl. If she wore a dress, it’d be cabana style. She’s got style, class, and is good at posing. She’s also Charlene’s buddy.


Stella definitely has groove. She can move fast and swift. She tag teams with Aretha. They’re two peas in a pod.

I Love You.
Bella chasing ducks instead of watching the flock
Lola making eye contact.

4 thoughts on “Cordero Family Flock

  1. I love how creative God is. The different looks and personalities of the chickens and the beautiful eggs. My son’s chickens eggs are so cool. The colors are so soft, muted and would look great on the walls.Be aware that there comes a time when they molt (sp?) and the feathers will start to fall out and they can look pretty bedraggled. I’m not sure what time of the year that happens but they can look pretty sad. Enjoy those cluckers!

    1. I did hear about the molting. I haven’t seen it yet, but I heard it isn’t real pretty. But that’s okay. I love my girls regardless. I certainly do enjoy them. Thanks Diane.

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