Farewell to My Feathered Beauties

Daisy (Isa Red) and Gloria (Black Star)

Four days ago, we said goodbye to two of our little girls: Gloria and Daisy.

They were adopted into a new family in Hudsonville. It was hard to see them go, but since we are still living in the city, we could not keep all six of the baby chicks we raised.

We brought home our babies on March 16, 2012.

It seems like it was yesterday that we brought the six girls home from Tractor Supply in a little box. They were so cute and fuzzy. I sure have loved watching them grow and change. Their fuzz turned into smooth feathers and their colors matured. Little personalities developed and each girl became an individual. Now they are fourteen weeks old. In about three months, they will start laying eggs of their own. My little babies are growing up so fast!

Jonathan and I were sad to part with Gloria and Daisy, but we hope they are very happy with their new family. They are such sweet little dears.

Everyone should raise chickens! What a joy they are!

Saying goodbye to Gloria and Daisy
Moving the girls into Mr. Tenbrink’s truck.
Jonathan saying his goodbye.
Bye Bye Beauties.

2 thoughts on “Farewell to My Feathered Beauties

  1. We had chickens once and my Kristen got so attached to them. We weren’t really set up to keep them and it was had for her to get rid of them. maybe one day again.

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