Critters, Critters, Critters

One of our favorite things to do as a family is visit local farms.

The Critter Barn
Local Farm in Zeeland, MI

This past week, we went to a farm in Zeeland called The Critter Barn. The Critter Barn had a variety of animals to see. My daughter, Isabella, couldn’t contain her happiness. She acted like she was hopped up on sugar as she ran from pen to pen, petting animals and squealing with delight as some of them licked her hand.

Small Cows
Big Cows
Jonathan and the Turkey

At the Turkey Pen, Jonathan practiced his hen call for hunting season. I think the big gobbler bought it because he waddled close to him. Interesting. I never thought Jonathan looked much like a hen.

We toured around the farm viewing sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens. Isabella marveled at the pigs wet nose and their “biiigg poop.” She thought she’d stick her fingers in the chicken pen and pet a hen like she does at our home, but she quickly found out that our girls are much more tame. One of the hens pecked her finger pretty good. She cried, then ran to the ducks.

Petting a pig
Chickens and Peacocks

Isabella had a blast in Cat Coral and Bunny Station where she was able to play with the cats and pet a small bunny. I loved all those bunnies so much. I wanted to let them out of their cages, hold them in my arms, and lay on the floor so they could bounce all around me. (Is that strange?)

Cats, cats, cats
Adorable Bunnies

The most exciting part of all was the goat milking demonstration. The farm owners herded the diary goats into a room with two stands. They ushered goats onto each stand and showed us the process by which they milk them. Jonathan and I were even allowed to milk Petunia! It was an amazing experience.

Watching demonstration
Goat Fun

The night ended with a trip to Hudsonville’s Rainbow Grill for dinner. We shared Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. What a night!

Jonathan milking Petunia
Goats being milked by machine

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