Marriage is More than the Current Moment

This picture made me laugh. It’s such a great depiction of certain seasons in marriage. Some seasons are fun and bliss. Others prove tiring and frustrating.

Norman Rockwell: Gaiety Dance Team

Jonathan and I just celebrated our seven year anniversary on Monday. We’re coming off of a very busy season, and it has felt kind of like this photo.  Worn out. Not much gaiety.

Marriage is made up of moments. Lulls, laughs, letdowns, and love that trumps them all.

My advice to Dolores and Eddie is to take a sleeping pill and lay down on a memory foam pillow. Get some rest. Tomorrow is a new day.

Marriage is more than the current moment. It is a commitment to the moments that make up many, many more. It’s a commitment to forever.


3 thoughts on “Marriage is More than the Current Moment

  1. Amen to that too… the Bible says we marry for a life time… till death do us part… he never promised it would be easy, but the good stuff never is 😉 Congrats on 7 years 🙂

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