Coop Cleaning

Raking the old shavings into the yard waste bin.
Fresh and Clean Coop

It’s summertime, and the coop requires regular cleanings.

Yesterday I raked out the old pine bedding with the help of my trusty little companion, Isabella. After we cleared the entire coop, we put in fresh, clean shavings.

It looked beautiful.

I think the girls enjoyed it immensely. They’re always curious.

From Left to Right:
Stella, Lola, Aretha, Charlene, Tiffany, Lily

Once we filled the water tank and stocked the Layena Crumble, it was time to rake the run.

The girls got a little squawky when I entered with the steel rake. Isabella found it amusing and joined in with squeals of her own.

Some time and a lot of sweat later, the coop and pen were delightful. Bella reckoned it looked clean enough to sit on the ground with the chickens.

Bella and Lily Enjoying Life

Nothing beats the great outdoors in a chicken coop!

At the end of the day, we even had two eggs to collect from my beloved Tiffany and Lily.

Our Pretty Light Teal Eggs

God Bless poultry.

Lots of Love for Lily
Smile Aretha

4 thoughts on “Coop Cleaning

  1. Bella is so cute!!! She’s so lucky to grow up on a farm. My grandparents were farmers and I LOVED it!! So many wonderful memories!!

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