Teusink’s Pony Farm and So Much More!

View of Teusink’s Farm From the Front Lawn

On Thursday, Jonathan and I fell in love all over again…with farm life.

We’ve been to our share of farms, but Teusink’s rivals for top prize. It is a real treasure.

Until the big day when we purchase our own hobby farm, we like to live vicariously through other people’s properties and animals. And boy did we live it up at Teusink’s!

In 1897 Teusink’s farm began. For over 100 years, the Teusink family has owned and operated the farm. We met many of the generations during our visit: from Grandpa and grandma, down to son and daughter, and their kids, all working on the farm! What a beautiful legacy.

The farm had something for everyone, and we did it all.

Bella Riding Like a Big Girl

Pony Rides for Children. We could hardly pull Isabella away from the beautiful ponies. She took a turn riding each one.

I Think This Goat Thought Bella Smelled Nice.
Hungry Babies

Feeding Goats, Sheep, and Ducks. I always liked goats and planned on buying a couple for our farm, but after seeing the adorable black sheep, I’ve begun to think I might need some of them too. And of course, if I have a stream or pond, I might as well throw in some ducks!

Can You Find the Blue Gill in this Picture?

Fishing with Cane Poles and Live Bait. Both Jonathan and Isabella fished in the pond with the cane poles. I baited hooks and captured the event on camera.

Bella Working Her Magic With a Cane Pole

Hayrides (And Sleigh Rides in the Winter!) The hayride journeyed through a scenic tour of the 75-acre farm. We saw beautiful fields, ponds, woods, horses, turkeys, peacocks, and chickens while we rode along. During our hayride, my dream came true. There were two live bunnies that we could take turns holding on the ride. I loved holding those fuzzy little guys!

What Fun

Penny Hunt. Bella thought she struck gold as she found the pennies and stuffed them in her pocket.

Dig, dig, dig

Barn Animals

Lil’ Mule
Adorable Cow
These Baby Goats Sure Can Jump!

Hay Maze

Daddy Leading the Way

Walking Trails and Glorious Views of Nature Everywhere You Look. It’s places like Teusink’s where we see a greater glimpse of God’s artistry. I love the outdoors, and the serenity of country life. When I’m in that environment, it’s so hard to return to the city.

“Dad, Look at That!”
Beauty Before Me

I know we’ll be heading back again to see the lovely Teusink’s Pony Farm, and I’d encourage you to check it out as well.

Horses in the Pasture

1468 W. 32nd Street, Holland, MI 49423
(616) 335-6226

The Bridge That Goes Over the River on the Property

4 thoughts on “Teusink’s Pony Farm and So Much More!

  1. These pictures bring me back to the days when I rented ponies at Teusink’s Farm. The good old days. Looks like you guys really enjoyed yourselves:)!

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