My Egg-ceptional Girls

It began a week ago…but I remember it like it was yesterday.

Walking out to the chicken run, I discovered a surprise. In addition to our usual count of two teal eggs was a tiny brown one. I speculated on who had laid the itty-bitty egg.

The next day, my question was answered.


Charlene fluttered into the coop looking urgent. She hopped into a nest box and announced several squawks. When she exited the coop, I peered inside and found a sweet brown egg. Ahhh…my Charlene had grown-up.

Charlene’s Eggs

Three days later, there was another new egg. This one had a pinkish hue with white speckles. There have been many more of these Easter eggs since. I have deduced that these eggs belong to my darling, Aretha.

Aretha on the left.
Stella on the right.

And lastly, my beautiful Stella has joined the line-up of egg laying with her brand new, light brown eggs.

Two Eggs in top right corner belong to Aretha, Stella’s eggs are the two in the bottom left corner, and all others belong to Charlene.

The only girl I’m still waiting on is Lola. I expect to find a surprise from her any day now.


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