You Are Worth It

I couldn’t sleep the night of July 8th. I felt burdened by a teaching I had heard previously by pastor I wasn’t well acquainted with. In this sermon, the pastor talked about how humanity is unworthy of Christ’s sacrifice, but the fact that Jesus Christ still wants us shows His love and grace.

This message aggravated me.

I processed this teaching, and I wondered what God’s perspective is on the topic. I asked the Lord what He thought. This is the answer I received:

The purchaser determines the worth of the item purchased.

When we go to a store and look at the price tag of an item, we decide if the item is worth the price. If we think it’s a fair price, we buy it. If we don’t, we will not purchase it and walk away.

This is how God looked at humanity. He read the price tag. “Only redeemable through the blood of one who is perfect.”

That was a steep price.

God knew the only currency to pay this price was His Son’s blood.

God could have tossed the tag aside and shook his head. “Nah, they’re not worth it.” He could have walked away and started over. He could have made a whole new creation if he had wanted. But he didn’t. He said, “Yes, they are worth it. I love them, and I’m willing to pay the high cost to purchase them.”

God deemed Jesus’ blood a just price.

He, the purchaser, paid the price for us, the item purchased, which means that we are worth the cost He spent.

Jesus’ blood was not spent in vain.

We are worth it.

We are worth the price that was paid on the cross of Calvary.

You were Worth it then, You are worth it now, and You will always be worth it to Him.


8 thoughts on “You Are Worth It

  1. Catie,
    You communicate directly from the heart enabling your readers to feel your passion as you display your feelings in a tangle sense through your written words. I enjoy reading your blog because it’s written with passion, passion from your heart.

  2. I’m glad you followed your spirit and just didn’t accept what was said as true. I especially liked the statement, The purchaser determines the worth of the item purchased. Gos does think we are valuable and worth it. People need to start placing more value in things like family, marriage, and children and be willing to pay the price.

      1. yes catie we are worth the price Jesus paid for us He loves us uncondiinaly that says it all about our value to Him, and for that I give HIM THANKS !!!! AND PRAISE

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