My New Indian Name

Two days ago, my suspicion was confirmed…

I am akin to Pocahontas.

Granted, I might not actually have any Native American blood running through my veins (though I’ve always wished it were so), but I do know this…nature and I bond well.

I might not be quite as stealth or lithe as Pocahontas but animals do seem comfortable in my embrace.

Take a look at Exhibit A and B.

Exhibit A: Pocahontas Holding a Turkey

Exhibit B: Me Holding a Duck

Do you see the resemblance? It’s uncanny isn’t it?

I know.

The ducks at the local park probably haven’t been held before…until this Indian brave came along.

Perhaps if I were an Indian, my name would be…Catches Duck. I think that would be fitting.

I love many animals, not just ducks. If I can grab it or pet it, I’m game.

Have a great day. Be good to your fellow animal friends.

This is Catches Duck, signing off.

3 thoughts on “My New Indian Name

  1. I love you blogs. I too am an avid animal lover. All kinds, doesn’t matter, but dogs, donkeys and pandas are my favorite. My dream would be to hold a baby panda.

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