The Apple of My Eye: Orchard Hill Farm

Each time we pull into the dirt drive, pass the orchard trees, and approach the big red barn, my shoulders relax.

Backview of Orchard Hill Farm

Secret, the miniature horse, waits across from where we park our car, and I hurry over to pet his nose. He whinnies with happiness over the attention. I think, “If only I had an SUV, I’d stick him in the back with Bella and drive home.”

Secret the Horse

We proceed into the centennial barn and breathe in the fresh picked apples and cider donuts. The general store and Blue Moo Café are as adorable as a kitten. I snap pictures tirelessly. Antique furnishings decorate the room and rafters. Their worn appearance and aged beauty is lovely. Oh the things those pieces have seen. Oh how I wish I could stuff them into my home.

Blue Moo Cafe

Meandering out of the barn, we tour the pumpkins, gazebo, pet the Border Collie, click a pic of a random peacock, and pass the corn maze.

Then we enter the great terrain of animals! I could honestly hug and give each of them a wet kiss. Well…all except the turkeys. They don’t seem real huggable.

I sneak open the bunny cage and rub the little gal behind the ears. I try to scoop her, but she skips away. Bummer.

This is my new friend. I’ve named her Bonnie.

Bella sticks her fingers in the chicken pen and the rooster pecks her finger. She cries. We move on.

This Rooster is not my friend. I’ve named him Rufus.

The geese honk a loud anthem for treats, while the goats line up with smiles. They all know the drill. One quarter in the gumball machine gives a handful of corn kernels. They hope we’ll pay and feed them. We do. I contemplate sneaking into the goat pen. The latch isn’t locked. I want to wrap my arms around their round soft bellies, but I behave and stay outside.

Man, I need to get me some goats. And some sheep. And a duck or two would be nice. While I’m at it, throw in some bunnies too.

Our fun family day ends with a walk through the trails and tossing sticks in the stream.

Orchard Hill Farm and Market
2934 68th Street S.E.
Caledonia, MI 49316
(6160 868- 7229

The market has so many goodies to check out: Fresh bags of apples, apple cider, goat’s milk, donuts, pancake mixes, honey, jams and butters. Yum Yum!

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