I have to admit my shame.

I started even earlier this year. Yes, it’s true…

I’ve begun listening to Christmas music. The moment the air gets a bit crisp, my radar flips to fall/ winter, and I bust out the tunes.

Holiday fever has set in. I’ve already watched “Elf” and drank hot cocoa.

Last October 31st, in between handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, I set up my Christmas tree. My holiday epidemic seems to get worse each year, but who am I kidding…I love it!

Each time September winds down, my heart ramps up. A gleam enters my eyes as I pull out the harvest decorations. Thoughts of apples, pumpkins, and cider fill my thoughts. Fall naturally blends into Christmas for me. Oftentimes, they unite inside my brain.

I love the season and here’s a few reasons:

Color-Changing Leaves and Fun Fall Piles

Apple Orchards and Pumpkin Patches

Costume Harvest Parties and Free Candy!

Christmas Tree Hunts and Decorating

Our first three years of marriage, we traveled to Doumel Farms and cut down a fresh pine tree.

The smell of pine needles filled our home.

But the joy of fresh pines wore off with the hardship of cleaning up the needles and constant pricks. We caved and bought a tree at the Home Depot.

We love our imitation Christmas tree!

Santa Sightings

Isabella’s first time meeting Santa.

Snowmen, Sledding, and Outdoor Fun

Frosty Cordero

Christmas Extravaganzas

Christmas Masquerade at Bay Valley Christian Church in Bay City, MI

Christmas Family Functions

Christmas with Jonathan’s family in Florida. It’s strange to celebrate Christmas in flip-flops.

And Let’s Be Honest…Presents!

Yes, we were excited by the gift of money!

Nothing like getting a kitten for Christmas.


  1. HAHA!!! That made me laugh. I especially liked the picture of Jonathan trying to put together the tree. To funny! But we’ve all been there. It’s my favorite time of the year as well.

  2. A sister Secret Christmaser! I love Christmas too and the music! I have trained myself to wait for a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. My family has scorned me enough that I will hold off until then. But, I secretly listen – even throughout the year. My fall decorations went up August 30 – the thought is if I get them up early then as I slide the Christmas ones in place their brain will adjust and think “oh yeah, after fall comes Christmas”. It’s only when they pass by a calendar that we have issues. Enjoy Catie!

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