When Pigs Fly

Recently, we acquired this picture for our living room. We don’t have a lot of artwork, but this piece, we’ve loved for a long time.

It’s called, “When Pigs Fly” by Michael Sowa.

Each time I look at this little pink pig jumping off the dock, I smile. He’s an adventurous little guy.

Does he know how to swim? I don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t either, but he’s sure gonna find out soon. The pond looked refreshing, and he felt like jumping in.  He didn’t tip his little hoofed foot in first, no, instead he flew off the deck at full torque.

A pig jumping into a pond might seem out of place and crazy, but that’s what’s so special about this picture. The little pig doesn’t care what others think he should do or should be, he’s determined to fly.


3 thoughts on “When Pigs Fly

  1. We have always thought that was a really cute picture also. The first thing I thought of when I saw it as your post was that it is a whimsical yet powerful reminder to never listen to naysayers or voices that would try to squash the dreams that God has put in your heart, because as fanciful as it may sound, you know what, sometimes pigs do fly. Sometimes imaginings that have lain dormant do come to fruition and sometimes, when we will open our hearts to believe, the deepest longings of our hearts actually are satisfied. Love it!

    1. I bought this print over the weekend and felt exactly the same way. I refer to it as “A leap of faith”. Its hanging in my living room now!

      1. I recently saw this print in a perfect resturant in VB VA and this is what iI thought, please understand i grew up in the country and had to raise animals to live on…….”Today I will live, for tomorrow I may die”. i have never been moved more by art than this simple print regarding life.

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