My Broody Black Star


Aretha has been a bit broody.

From time to time, hens will become obsessed with incubating their eggs because they desire to mother a brood of baby chicks.

Apparently, Aretha has gotten the motherly urge.

Each time I go out to collect the eggs, I find her sitting on them. Once, I shooed her out of the nest box and her gold eyes blazed as she watched me take the eggs. Immediately, she entered into a tantrum of squawking which made me feel terrible. I squatted down and tried to explain that her eggs won’t hatch because we don’t have a rooster to fertilize her. Her head tilted to the side like she was listening, but it didn’t sink in.

The girl is dedicated. She’s determined not only to hatch her own, but she’s made it a personal mission to sit on the other gal’s eggs too.

At this point, I shake my head and say, “Whatever makes you happy, honey.”

Aretha nestles down in the alfalfa straw and looks positively pleased.

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