German Giants

I did not know this type of rabbit existed until recently. Now, I think I need one.

It’s called: A German Giant.

They can grow to 3 feet tall and can weigh up to 26 pounds!

Herman the rabbit lives with his owner, Hans Wagner, in Berlin. Herman weighs 17 pounds and consumes around four pounds of food per day. His favorite treat is lettuce, but he also gets a bale of hay every week. Vitamin pills also help to keep him healthy.


Bodmin, an 18-lb. Flemish Giant rabbit resides in Sussex with his owner, Michael Alford. Bodmin can eat a whole cabbage or cauliflower at one sitting. He is a big boy and is still growing!


Take a look at a few more Giant Rabbit Pets:

Foxy, The Giant Angora Rabbit

Perhaps these rabbits are a little impractical, but wow, they are just so cute. I’d like to nuzzle into its fur right now.

Christmas Wish List… 1. German Giant Rabbit.

Reference: “Amazing Giant Rabbits a Metre High” by Louie Jerome,


5 thoughts on “German Giants

  1. i love the flemish and any giant breed they are beautiful rabbits i raise others too but the giants are the best to me.

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