My Chickens Are Chicken


It’s official. My girls hate the snow.

All six hens are completely “chicken.”

Even when its a soft layer, they don’t like to come out of the coop. However, the younger girls sometimes get pecked out the door by Lily and Tiffany, my dominant hens. Those naughty girls.

When the hens’ feet touch the snow, they do a sort of cha-cha, by lifting one foot and then the other. Poor things. It has to be cold.

Today, Lily was picking on Aretha. She squawked when she sank into the snow. Her black feathers bustled to get her un-lodged, and she scurried back into the coop.


The hens usual roaming about the run has been replaced by consistent dining inside the coop. Egg production is way down and food consumption is way up. Thanks a lot ladies.

Enjoy it now my fat feathered beauties, because come spring time…I’m expecting six eggs a day!


2 thoughts on “My Chickens Are Chicken

  1. My girls also hate the snow. A lot! We were lucky enough to have a mild day today and I got out to clean up the hen house. The girls were roaming around and I could tell they were excited! Great blog btw, I’ll be sure to keep reading!

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