My Bathroom: A.K.A, The Chicken Infirmary

It wasn’t on my bucket list, but I can say I’ve done it. I have washed a chicken’s butt.


I am all about finding solutions; hence, in the last two days I have become a poultry veterinarian. My bathroom now functions as the clinic for my two sick Isa Brown hens. Charlene is quarantined in the bathroom shower, and Lola is in a box in the closet.

It all started when Jonathan noticed traces of blood on the pine shavings one night while collecting the eggs and closing the coop door. Next day, I went out to investigate. I found Charlene in bad shape. I scooped her up and took her into the house. (It’s imperative to separate an ill bird from the flock; otherwise, the other hens will gang up on the wounded one.)

Jonathan heard me come in and called out, “How are the girls?”

Sadly, I spoke. “It’s Charlene, and she’s in my arms. I think she’s dying.” The tears came like a flood. I love my chickens, especially Char. She has a very special place in my heart. Out of all my girls, she’s been the most friendly and docile. When neighbor kids come over, I can easily scoop her up and bring her out for everyone to hold and pet. She doesn’t mind at all. Man, I love my little hen.

I brought Charlene downstairs and put her into the bathroom shower. After some research on the internet, I managed to devise a plan to doctor her. Armed with rubber gloves, I placed her into a bucket of warm water and gently washed her bottom. Then I covered the swollen and wounded area with honey, a natural antibiotic. The bathroom shower became her isolation room. I gave her a dish of wheat grains and water with chicken probiotic. In order to prevent her from laying eggs and allow recovery, I hung a black blanket over the shower door and shut off all the lights. I prayed for her and hoped for the best.


The next day, I found more bad news inside the coop.

Lola had the same wounds and bleeding. Again, I brought another hen into the house and performed the same procedure and put her into a box in the closet.


Today, I gave the girls both another butt bath and drenched the wounds in hydrogen peroxide to kill infection.

I haven’t seen any big progress yet, but I pray they’ll get better.

If you have any suggestions or know more about helping injured hens, please let me know!



2 thoughts on “My Bathroom: A.K.A, The Chicken Infirmary

  1. Catie…go over to the MaryJanes Farm Farmgirl Connection and sign up. Then go to barnyard buddies under General Chat Forum and tell the ladies what is going on with your girls. They will know exactly what to do. Soooooo much great knowledge on caring for animals (especially chickens) at MaryJanes Farm. And don’t say I didn’t warn you…you might find yourself browsing more of the forums for all the amazing info an inspiration there. Love my farmgirl sisters ❤

    Here's the link to the forum:

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