Update on Cordero Chicken Clinic

Charlene and Lola are making progress.

Lola on the clinic table, or as some might call it, a washing machine.

Each day, my medical assistant, Isabella, and I check the girls. While I apply a fresh coat of vaseline on their red cones and hydrogen peroxide on their bottoms, Bella checks to see if they need more water and wheat.


The procedure seems to be working because the wounds are all dry and scabbed over now. Let me tell you, I’m so relieved. My cat Henry on the other hand, still has hopes for a chicken dinner. ( I told him, “No, no, Lil Henry Whiskers.” He meowed and looked sullen.)


Isabella enjoys helping the girls out of their isolated rooms and allowing them some time to stretch their legs in the bathroom. She demonstrates great initiative not only in her eagerness to serve, but also in her efforts to self-examine the girls.


Today, while Charlene meandered through the bathroom, she took an interest in the cats’ food. I told her, that’s not yours young lady. (It is tough work keeping these animals in line.)


I have high hopes that in about a week, I’ll be integrating Charlene and Lola back into the coop. They are strong and resilient ladies. I’m so proud.

And one more thing…

I can’t believe it, but both of them still are laying eggs! I try to keep it dark to give them a break, and it doesn’t even matter. They’re still producing. Silly. Silly. Silly girls.


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