When in Doubt…Buy Baby Chicks

The weakness got the best of me.

It was our usual stop at Tractor Supply Company to buy feed for the hens. Of course, by the time we left…there was a lot more inside my cart.

Currently, we are in a major transition. We’ve just sold our home in the city and will be moving in with my parents, while house hunting for a hobby farm. Not only that, but I’m seven months prego (and look more like eight). Our little boy will be arriving in June and looks like we might be having baby two at the folks’ house. Bless their hearts.

So in the meantime of packing and making arrangements, I’m thinking about chickens. Naturally.

It’s Chick Days season at TSC, and I’ve already made some stops to look at the babies. I’ve got a hankering to hold them and bring some home, but I’ve been trying to be good. We’re moving, you know.


But the weakness got the best of me on Tuesday afternoon.

Looking into the little black eyes of the chicks, I grew weepy inside. I had to have some. So I bought a tub, feed, bedding, water feeder and six chicks.

When my husband arrived home from work, and I had a surprise waiting for him in the sun porch.

Surprise! I bought chicks!


“No Henry, those aren’t chew toys.”



6 thoughts on “When in Doubt…Buy Baby Chicks

  1. So cute! It seems like just yesterday ours were that little. In fact, we had the exact same little black tub for ours. 🙂 It lasted for about a week before they grew out of it, but we had 12 in ours. LOL! We just went to Menards today to get the supplies to build a coop. I’m getting super excited to see them finally outside doing their chicken thing! They are gonna be thrilled when they finally get to roam the yard.
    Good luck on finding a hobby farm! We are having a blast on our little homestead. This will be out first spring here. Chickens, gardening, eventually goats…so excited!

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