Happy Hens

The weather is finally improving in Michigan, and my hens are loving it as much as me!


We are officially moved in with my parents and the big girls’ coop is set up in the back yard. We’ve been letting them do some free ranging now that we’re in the country. The bold and beautiful Tiffany still leads the flock and the Black Stars follow.

Meanwhile, the new babies are growing out of baby phase and have spread their wings in the fenced garden. They love exploring the new space and taking a dust bath in the soil.


My three Buff Orpingtons and three Rhode Island Reds.


“Well hello there, little girl.”



Blondie taking a dust bath. (My mother named her. I love it.)

2 thoughts on “Happy Hens

  1. Glad to see you got some new hens. Our Sex link is brooding a batch of 12 buffs right now and you were on my list of people to get a few. They are set to hatch in late May….so if you know of anyone, send them our way! Love the posts and pic Catie 🙂

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