Story-time Adventures

once upon a time

Tonight, I told my daughter a story after I tucked her into bed. I thought I’d do all the telling but as it turned out she jumped right in and added to the plot. I was so proud. The story was much better for it too!

I’ve entitled our narrative: It’s Hard Being Hungry

In my best story-telling voice I began, “Once upon a time, a little girl who lived on a farm had a very special horse. She named the horse Charlie. They were best friends. Every day, she would ride Charlie through the woods.”

Isabella piped up at that moment. “And then dragon came.”

I chuckled at her quick addition. “Is it a good or bad dragon?”

Without hesitation, she replied. “A bad one.”

I thought to myself. All-righty then. We’ve now got us a bad dragon. Here we go. “As the little girl and Charlie were riding through the woods, a bad dragon swooped down and chased them. They ran hard and fast trying to dodge the dragon’s fiery breath. Soon they came to a river. Charlie plunged into the water. It was deep, but he pushed through with his strong muscles. Reaching the land, Charlie continued to run, but then they heard the dragon start to cry. The little girl pulled up on the reins, and they halted. The dragon sat across the river with tears coming down his face. The little girl called out, ‘Why are you crying?’ The dragon looked at her and said, ‘Because I saw you had a bag of chocolate chip cookies and I’m so hungry. I hoped that maybe you would share one with me, but you keep running away.’ This surprised the little girl. ‘So you were chasing us because you’re hungry?’ ‘Yes,’ said the dragon. The little girl smiled and steered Charlie back across the river. She opened the bag of cookies and they shared them together.”

Isabella smiled. “So the dragon ended up being a good dragon?”

“Yes,” I replied.

She seemed to enjoy this twist. “Okay, so he was a nice dragon. But then the shark came.”

I had thought the story was over, but leave it to my three-year-old to create a double climactic ending. I laughed. “Where did the shark come from?”

She replied matter-of-factly. “The river.”

“Oh. I see. Is he a bad shark?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Okay. So the bad shark swam up the river while the little girl, her horse Charlie, and the dragon ate cookies by the waters’ edge. They didn’t see him approaching. He opened his mouth wide. That’s when they saw him and his big teeth. They screamed. But the shark merely said, ‘Can I have a cookie too?’ The little girl tossed the shark a cookie. He caught it in his mouth and swam away. The end.”

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