Why Should Kids Have All The Fun?


Costume Party 2008. Jonathan is Jack Sparrow and I’m a flapper!

Adults should dress up in costumes more often.

It is downright healthy to step out of the normal, everyday pattern and be silly, free, and have fun! Dressing up like a different character is a sure-fire way to do that!

Children love to pretend. The moment they put on a spiderman suit or tinker bell dress, they truly believe they can scale walls or fly. Their imaginations soar as they create their own adventure.  It’s fun to watch them play, but you know what’s even more fun…joining them!

The other day, my daughter asked me to play fairies with her. She put on her new, green fairy gown, and I put on my old, white fairy costume from when I was a teenager (yes, I still have it!) Together, we flew around the house and pretended to frost things (including grandpa) with our magic wands. It was a blast! I laughed hard, and it made me feel like a child again.

And you know, it got me thinking, adults ought to have fun like this more often. Costume parties or murder mystery game nights are great for adults. It helps us drop our old-fart habits for a little while and laugh. It’s so good to laugh.

I looked back at pictures from some costume parties we’ve held or attended. The photos alone make me smile.


Friends in Bay City, MI


Chinese Murder Mystery Party


Here’s my advice: Put on a costume! See what fun awaits you!


Make a wish!


Jack meets Cher.


Batman (my dad) and his little kitten (my mother). The bee…my daughter Isabella.

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