Dreams Come True

It has happened.

Yes, we are finally going to get our hobby farm. After months of house hunting, and feeling a bit hopeless, we finally found a piece of land that we love. Three and a half acres in farm country. There are about 1.5 acres of woods, and my husband has already made a clearing with freshly distributed corn for the deer. He is now deciding where to place the tree stand.

Path into our woods

I never thought I would build a house. I was overwhelmed by the amount of decisions that would have to be made, but now, I’m stealing the McDonald’s theme…I’m Loving It!

Here are some photos to show you our progress.

Pre-made superior walls for the basement
Front of our ranch
Front Window
Gabriel in his bedroom
View from the backyard. Neighbor’s chickens coming to say hello.
Bella’s bedroom and dining room.
Dining Room and Kitchen




Another view of our woods

Join me on our journey…I’ll keep you updated!


5 thoughts on “Dreams Come True

  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures! We build our own home three years ago so I can completely relate to how excited you are! You house actually looks quite a bit like our. 🙂 Enjoy this journey. You will have memories to last a lifetime!

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