Cordero Family Flock: Take Two

It’s been several months since my last post called: Cordero Family Flock. Since that post, our chicken coop has seen many transitions.

Please allow to me introduce to you: THE NEW FLOCK

Drum Roll Please…


ARETHA – Black Star Hen

Aretha- She is my Alpha Hen. Previously, Tiffany ruled the roost, but that is no longer the case. Aretha has risen to the top and has whipped the other girls into shape. Even my rooster knows that she is boss.


TIFFANY – Ameraucana Hen

Tiffany- She is my oldest gal. In January of 2012, we adopted her and her sister Lily from our friends. These two girls started it all. Tiff holds a special place in my heart.


GRETCHEN- Buff Orpington

Gretchen- She is my smallest hen and sweet as honey. When I visit the girls, she is the first to the gate and loves to be held. I have to admit, Gret is my favorite.


BLONDIE- Buff Orpington

Blondie- This bold and beautiful gal is quite the handful. If she gets out of the run, forget about it. Catching her is like chicken olympics.


JOSEPHINA- Rhode Island Red

Josephina- Bella named Josie after the American girl doll in her magazine. Josie is quite the little señorita, and my rooster Morph is always hot on her trail.


GINGER- Rhode Island Red

Ginger- This gal is very shy. I have to move very slow in order to get close to her. But boy, she loves the treats! This is my way of coaxing her to come to mama.


MORPH- Buff Orpington Rooster

Morph- I never wanted a rooster, but gee whiz, Morph has stolen my heart. He is such a big cloddy thing that I can’t help but love him. The fella makes me laugh and he’s so friendly, (a little too friendly with the ladies though. They get tired of his advances.)

The ones we loved and miss:
We said goodbye to some sweet hens. Charlene, Lola, Lily, and most recently, Stella. They were good girls and laid a lot of eggs. They are missed.

Rhode the Rooster– You were a naughty boy. You liked to peck at us and pick on the girls. But boy, you made one fine dinner on the grill!


RHODE- Rhode Island Rooster, a.k.a, Grilled Chicken

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