Talk Like the Twenties's:Historydd5b808585d6df63a1456c8e6faa22b8

Top 11 Phrases that Started in the 1920’s and Should Be Brought Back Today!

11. Rhatz: “Rhatz! These pants are too small.”

10. Now You’re on the Trolley: “I thought you weren’t too bright, but now you’re on the trolley.”

9. Get in a Lather: “Don’t get in a lather, I didn’t mean to break your favorite vase.”

8. Berries: “You got the job? That’s berries!”

7. Flat Tire: “Stop being a flat tire and let’s have some fun.”

6. Horsefeathers: “Awe horsefeathers, I know you’re older than thirty.”

5. Cook a Radish: “I’m not interested, go cook a radish.”

4. Bearcat: “Woo-wee, that gal is one fine bearcat. She gave me a kiss I’ll never forget.” fc7b42fe3d0ad3c313a62085ea9ded87

3. Oliver Twist: “I never seen someone dance so good. You’re a regular Oliver Twist.”

2. Cat’s Pajamas: “You’re the bee’s knees and cat’s pajamas all rolled into one!”

1. Cash or Check (do we kiss now or later): “So what it’ll be, cash or check?”



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4 thoughts on “Talk Like the Twenties

  1. I grew up with “horsefeathers, bee’s knee’s and cats pajamas” and “Don’t get yourself in a lather.” Haven’t heard them since my dad left.

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