Thanksgiving Rooster


My Rooster Named Morph

Our Thanksgiving morning was a bit unusual this year.

Of course, we first had breakfast while we watched the Macy’s Day Parade. But once we’d drained our coffee, we donned our winter apparel and headed into the snow to fetch the rooster.

Over the last few months, my rooster Morph has morphed into a bad boy. He has developed a big ego, probably due to the fact that he’s grown into such a behemoth and thinks he’s a stud. Morph constantly bugs the girls, especially my dear, Aretha. He has the biggest infactuation with her, which means he’s relentless. She hides in the nest box most of the time. And since the girls are so fast, he now tries to grab them with his beak. Poor Ginger, got caught by her cone. The little girl was bleeding pretty terrible.

Well, that did it, it was time for Mama Catie to intervene on behalf of her girls.

Opening the gate to the run, I scooped Morph into my arms. And that sucker hauled off and bit me in the hand! Let me tell you…that sealed the deal. Chicken dinner…coming up!


Step One: Cut Off The Head


Step Two: Stick Bird into Boiling Water for About Thirty Seconds


Step Three: Pluck Feathers Off the Bird and Singe Off Any Leftover Hairs


Step Four: Cook the Bird and Set the Table for Dinner!

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Rooster

  1. I love that you show the whole picture not just the fluff and stuff. Farming and having livestock is not a romantic idea where the sun is shining and you call each critter by name and all is well. Life happens and choices are made and we eat the meat! Thanks for showing it all.

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