No! Not Resolutions!


Resolutions. The word alone can trigger a gag reflex.

Let’s try a different word.

Goals. That word triggers my curiosity.

What can be accomplished? What can be obtained? The answer is: MORE THAN YOU KNOW…if you some move into your groove.

I have many dreams and the only way I can pursue them is to make a plan and develop REAL goals.

Here is my GOAL LIST for YEAR 2014, perhaps my list can trigger thoughts for your own:

1. MENTAL – Read a book a month

2. PHYSICAL – Eat 2 servings of veggies a day, Eat 2 servings of fruits a day, do at least 10-15 minutes of exercise 3X a week (If this seems silly, you don’t know my dread for exercise)

3. SPIRITUAL – Memorize a Bible verse a month (Put in 4 x 6 frame on writing desk), do short devotion daily, and create teaching moments with Bella and Gabe about God.

4. CAREER – Write at least 3 chapters a month.


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