O To Be A 1920’s Farmer

mowing hay
Mowing Hay
Mitchell Home School Farm 1920s
Photograph # 19981.1.53.70

Let’s take a moment and thank God for technology.

I have been busy researching for Book Two: Marvel and Mayhem: The Roaring Twenties Series. In this book, my main character, a New York City flapper ends up working on a farm in Harrisburg, PA. Best part is she doesn’t see it coming until the manure reaches her nose!

Farm life is hard work now, but in the 1920’s, it was even harder.

Farmers put in long days for little money. Work and play revolved around the seasons. Everyone in the family had chores — milking cows, feeding the animals, harnessing horses, gathering eggs, cleaning the outhouse, washing clothes, and more. Children usually walked to school, rain or shine, and spent summers helping in the fields. Farm families looked forward to the fun of school programs, trips to town, church gatherings, and other social events. With help from neighbors, 1920s farm families brought in the harvest, battled fires, coped with accidents and illness, and weathered natural disasters.

(Reference: http://www.livinghistoryfarm.org/farminginthe20s/life_01.htm)

Morning Chores: Milk the Cow
Kansas Farm Crop with Mr. McMurry on the Binder and Aunt Myrtle Driving the Tractor, 1920’s.




Vincent Davlin, his wife Edna and 2 children, Charlie E. and Marian http://www.villageoftowerlakes.com/history/Pioneer%20Families/pioneer_families.htm

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