Hunting for Our Family Dog

We are ready for a family dog. It is truly a big decision. We’ve been researching breeds, checking craigslist for puppies, browsing pet shops, and searching pet rescue websites.

And one thing we know for sure…we have no idea what dog to buy.

We do have a checklist of desires: A medium sized dog, Low shedding, Easy to train, Great with children, Will watch out for the family, and Can be friendly with our two cats.

Two dog breeds we like are the Welsh Terrier and Labrador Retriever. However, we are still searching.

We have 3 and a half acres, so our new dog will have plenty of land to run! Please, all you dogs experts, give me some words of advice! What dog do you recommend?





2 thoughts on “Hunting for Our Family Dog

  1. Diane Loew has a Labrador Retriever and we breeding once upon a time. She works at Res and is a wealth of info. 🙂

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