Chick Days…And Some Ducks

Yesterday, I found out that Chick Days had started at Tractor Supply! My response, “O Happy Day! Let’s get some babies!” And boy, did we come home with some babies. Too bad, 20 of them are strictly MEAT chicks. Poor little fellers. But let’s face the truth, where do you think your chicken in the store comes from?

While we were at it, we decided to try out a couple ducks too. We’ve got a nice creek behind our home and plenty of woods and grass to forage.

I love raising chicks! And I can’t wait to get more animals. Maybe our dairy cow will come next and a friendly goat to keep her company.

Chicks under the heat lamps.
Meat Chicks and Two New Hampshire Red Layers.
Egg Laying Hens and Two Ducks
Bella and the duck she calls Bella.



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