I Want a Heifer


We drink milk like its water at our house. Especially my daughter!

As we move toward a more self-sustaining lifestyle, we are going to obtain a diary cow for milk and making our own butter, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, etc.

The breed I want to purchase is called a Dexter. Dexters are a smaller breed of cattle originally from Ireland. They are tri-purpose, great for meat, milk and draft. They are very intelligent and can be easily trained. Their tender personalities and love of attention make them not only great cows but great companions!  

Dexters also give birth to their babies without need for assistance unless the baby is breached. They must give birth to a calf once a year in order to continue to produce milk.

Everything about these cows make me excited! I really want a little heifer.



These precious little girls are located at Shamrock Acres Dexter Farm in Hudsonville, MI! That is only 15 minutes from my house!

I am so thrilled. I want to buy a girl and hug her and love her all day. The only things that stand in my way are needing a proper enclosure and fencing for her. So friends, if you have any lumber or fencing hanging around that you don’t want.. let me know!

Cows…they are a beautiful thing.



2 thoughts on “I Want a Heifer

  1. once you get that heifer you gotta find a bull or AI – she ain’t gonna give no milk without a baby 🙂 Happy Farming!! Let us know if you need help – if we aren’t knee deep in manure or some other project we’ll give you a lending hand!

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