Building Our Hobby Farm One Step At A Time


I love living in the country. It makes me swell with gratitude at the beauty I see each day. I marvel at God’s goodness and how He answered our prayer to have land for a hobby farm.

We recently bought a John Deere garden tractor, which will come in handy for the lawn, once it’s planted, and various odds and ends. In June, we’re going to plant our garden. I have a long list of veggies!

Currently, I own 36 birds: Meat chickens, Egg laying hens, and two ducks. It is a blast, although, my garage and basement stink because of the chickens in their brooder boxes! But soon enough, all the birds will be outdoors since we’re finally getting spring weather.

Hens Free-Ranging
Ginger, On the Far Right

The last few days, I’ve been opening the outdoor chicken run for my full-grown hens to free range. They think they’ve entered heaven, which means getting them back into their run isn’t so easy.  Yesterday, Ginger was being as stubborn as my three-year-old daughter. I chased her fuzzy butt around in circles for a good ten minutes!  I told her if she didn’t get in the coop, I was going to let the coyotes eat her. Soon after, she saw reason and went inside.

Girls in the Basement


My new pride and joy are my ducks. I never raised ducks before, but I’m loving it. They are Rouen males and will look quite similar to Mallards when they are full grown. I like to take walks around the yard with my two side-kicks. They follow me everywhere since I’m mamma duck. It’s amazing.



Country life suits me well!



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