The Mermaid Mom

Yesterday was a holiday so I didn’t post the usual Monday Morning Joke. So today I have a humorous story for you instead.

Ever since my daughter watched Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” she has wanted to play mermaids. That’s where I come in. I’ve been drawing several mermaid paper dolls for her. So many that we’ve lost count. Below is a few of them. As you can see, they are all the typical fit and thin Barbie looking dolls. Which got me thinking? Why not show her something more real.


That’s when I drew this: The Mermaid Mom.


Proud as I could be, I said to my daughter, “Look I drew a new doll for you. She’s a very important mermaid.”

My daughter looked at the doll. Her face scrunched up in confusion or disgust, I’m not sure, and she said, “What’s wrong with her?”

I laughed. “Nothings wrong with her. Her body isn’t like the other mermaids because she’s the one who gave birth to the baby mermaids. She’s the mom.”

My daughter’s face lit up. “Ohhhh, she’s the mom. I like her. Thanks.” She took the doll from me, suddenly happy as raccoon in a trashcan.

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