History in a Hat

I collect hats. But not just any hats. I like hats that are old, used, and have seen life from years past. I want hats with history.

And over time, I’ve collected a lot of them. Some are from the 1800’s and some from the 1900’s. My daughter loves rummaging through my collection and trying them on.

A few hats in my collection


Going gangster in my fedora
Howdy partner
I’m so fancy

But one of my most prized hats of all is the one I acquired from my grandfather, Lavern “Pete” Overbeek.


My grandpa wore a blue, wool newsboy hat wherever he went. It was special. When my grandpa passed away in 2008, I asked my grandma if she could part with his hat. I feel honored and privileged that she entrusted his prized possession to me. Every time I wear his hat, I feel like I’m carrying on his legacy. My grandfather enjoyed the simple things in life but most of all, he had a deep love for family and friends. He worked hard and appreciated the many blessings God had given him throughout his life. He was a great man and was always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. I hope to follow in his footsteps. Thanks, Grandpa.




One thought on “History in a Hat

  1. Such a fun collection. Love that you have not only pieces from history, but with your grandfather’s hat, you have a piece that holds great personal history for you. Also, your daughter is precious!

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