Canning Sauces, Jellies, Fruits, and Teas.

I have taken up the tradition of canning. My grandmother passed her jars down to me, and now I’m becoming a canning machine.

I’ve done a variety of things so far this year. I made my own homemade Italian Tomato Sauce with fresh garden tomatoes. I canned pears from my friend’s Pear Tree. I made applesauce from apples picked at Cranes Orchard and Schwallier’s Country Basket. And recently I made grape jelly and three kinds of tea! Are you proud of me, Martha Stewart?


Some of my canned jars.


Yesterday, I canned Grape Jelly. My neighbor had already done the hard part of extracting the juice from fresh grapes, and since she had a abundance and was tired of canning, she blessed me with two pitchers of grape juice! What a sweetheart. First, I canned 3 quarts of the concentrate for later use. With 5 and 1/2 cups of grape juice, 3 and 1/2 cups of sugar, and a box of SURE JELL premium fruit pectin, I made Jelly! It was simple as following the instructions inside the SURE JELL box. After I made the jelly, I ladled the piping hot liquid into the jars and boiled them in my canner pot. The Jelly set up after about 24 hours.


Boiling the Jars



Finished Grape Jelly


Step One: Dry the plants


Drying the tea plants. Lemon Balm and Apple Tree Mint


Chocolate Mint Leaves. Make sure to air out all of sections of the plants regularly so mold won’t form.


Pull leaves off the stems and process them in a blender.


Learning more everyday about living a self-sustaining lifestyle.

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