Monday Story: Cleaning Blunder

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Twice a month, I assist my mother in cleaning a large office building. It was a Thursday evening, so some of the office staff hadn’t left yet. We were working on the lower level bathrooms, and I was telling my mom another funny story about my daughter Isabella. I was in the woman’s restroom mopping the floor, when my mother walked into the men’s. Finishing my task, I picked up my mop bucket and joined her in the men’s bathroom. I continued my story. “And then Bella said….” My sentence dropped off when my mother looked over to me and her eyes got huge. With a trash bag in hand, she rushed out the door. I was confused. I slowly turned around to see what she was looking at. And then I saw it. A man stood at the urinal, silent as a mouse. I raced out and found my mother inside the woman’s restroom. We looked at each other, mortified.

“I had already cleaned the sink and took out the trash bag, before you came in,” said my mother. “I never saw him there, and he didn’t say anything.”

“You rushed outta there so fast; I didn’t know what was going on. Then I turned around and saw him!”

“Who was it?”

“I don’t know. I think he had blondish hair.”

“He was wearing a polo shirt and khakis.”

“I can’t believe he just stood there and never said anything!”

We busted into fits of laughter.

That poor guy. He was so embarrassed. He was scared stiff at the urinal.


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