Camp Bow Wow

My dog, Harley, is spoiled. He is a miniature schnauzer, but he’s closer to the size of a standard schnauzer (I guess his daddy was one big miniature.) Due to his bushy brows and handle bar mustache, we thought it applicable to name him Harley Davidson Cordero. Whenever we go away overnight and cannot bring Harley with us, he goes to Camp Bow Wow. I’m not pulling your paw, there is such a place.


Camp Bow Wow is a dog paradise. It’s the equivalent of a day spa for women. They have several play rooms divided according to the size of dogs. Harley normally plays in the Campground One or the Tea Cup Yards. Each play center has doggy ramps and wide open spaces for running. It’s adorable. Certified Camp Counselors also play with the dogs. They have Camp Web Cams in every room, so at any time, I could check on Harley. At night, each dog is brought to his personal cabin which includes a comfy bed and fleece blanket and before lights out, they receive a “campfire” treat. The best part is that the cost for camp is a doggone good deal.

Camp Bow Wow has over 100 Camps and 75 Home Buddies nationwide, plus one in Canada. Camp Bow Wow has a simple philosophy: It’s all about the dogs. And let me tell you, it’s true. Harley thinks he’s a king at Camp and well, he thinks he’s a king at our house too.


No bones about it, we love Camp Bow Wow. Here’s the report card that was sent home with Harley after his weekend at camp. It’s just too cute.



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