My form of O.C.D: Obsessive Christmas Disorder


Christmas starts early for me. Jingle bells is playing in July, and my kids and I veg-out to Frosty the Snowman any month of the year. Some might think I’m crazy, but the fact is, I like my Obsessive Christmas Disorder. It’s fun. I can hardly wait for Halloween to end so that I can haul out my decorations. (Note, I would be tempted to do it earlier, but my husband helps me with restraint.) Opening my totes of Christmas things puts a smile on my face. Granted, I’m not a big fan of the cold and snow, but I sure do love my collection of snowmen figurines.

My husband likes his fake duck mount to be out all year round, so Mr. Quackers is wearing a festive bow tie.


My home becomes a Christmas wonderland starting on November 1st. I’m not entirely sure what my neighbors think when they see my tree up in the front window, but by now, I doubt that they’re surprised. The following pictures are just a few snip-its of my home in all its Christmas glory.

My son rearranges the bottom ornaments throughout the day. It’s a new hobby.
I love my Christmas village. Trouble is that my kids do too. My poor little Dickens carolers have seen better days. Missing hands. Broken violins. Characters that have been crazy-glued more than five times.
More snowmen
My Christmas cabinet

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