Starting from Scratch

It’s easy to take things we buy or use for granted when they come already packaged and produced. That’s why I like trying to make things from scratch. It makes me appreciate the end result much more. My husband and I continue to grow on our hobby farm (Cordero Family Farm) in order to become more self-reliant. Here’s a picture tour of my continued learning in canning, cooking, and baking from scratch.

I learned how to bake my own bread with all scratch ingredients. It takes time and lots of kneading, but it is gooood!
My collection of canned apple sauce and tomato sauce is slowly growing!
Processing tomatoes from our garden in order to make sauce.
Italian Tomato Sauce
Dicing ingredients for salsa


Salsa with veggies from our garden!
First time making an apple pie from scratch.
It tasted heavenly.
Restocked the freezer with the meat chickens we raised and butchered ourselves.
A meal all from our own sources. Corn and potatoes from the garden and a chicken that we raised.

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