The Blessing of Storytelling

Every journey in life is a story, and stories propel our world. Good stories. Bad stories. Tales of victory. Tales of defeat. Whatever the premise, our lives are shaped with stories.

Today, I again had the privilege of sharing with an alert group of minds that require variety in order to keep them impressed. This group is children. I love the challenge of grabbing their attention and drawing them into a story. When something alights their interest, I see it shine in their eyes. It’s magical. Storytelling is a blessing to me because I enjoy watching them. Their happiness brings me happiness.

Reading a book about the seasons called, “Listen, Listen” during Moms and Tots Story time at the Zeeland Community Center.
Old MacDonald Sing Along
Introducing the kids to my friend, Hoppy the Frog

4 thoughts on “The Blessing of Storytelling

  1. This is lovely, Catie. One of my favorite things to do is bring stories to life for people—children and adults alike. You go girl. Invite those babies into the wonderful world of story. 🙂

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