My Own”Marvel” Comic Character: Meet Magnificent Mom

I thoroughly enjoy the DC Marvel shows and comic characters. They are weird and interesting and most are just plain cool. The designer’s creativity is incredibly inspiring. So inspiring that I decided to make my own comic character. She is one that the world cannot live without. Who is this masterful woman? MAGNIFICENT MOM.

Magnificent Mom is on the ready for whatever the day throws her way.
Dirty hands? She has wet wipes in her cargo pants.
Child feeling warm? Check it with the bracelet thermometer.
Junior fell and busted his knee-Bam! Bracelet band-aid dispenser.
Creep is getting too close? Taser belt.
She doesn’t need Harley Quinn’s bat, she has a kung-fu feather duster.
Timmy forgot to brush his teeth again? Take a breath mint.
No spider is too big, no ant is too small for her large and in charge black boots.
And while she busy helping others keep it all together, her fabulous corset and push-up bra helps her stay tight and all right too.



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