Monday Story: “Pride Goes Before the Rip”


Happy New Year to all my readers! This 2015, I’m doing something new. Instead of the Monday Morning Joke…I’m going to tell you short, true stories, mostly that have happened to me, that will also make you laugh.

Today’s story did in fact happen to me and while at the time it didn’t seem so funny, I now look back on it and think, “Girl, you had that coming.”

I was seventeen, and loved to dance. Any opportunity to go dancing, I snatched. And truth be told, I thought I was good at it and liked to show off a bit too much.

The local Fish and Game Club was having a special dance, and my second cousin was the guest DJ. It was supposed to be sensational, and I couldn’t wait. I took great care in deciding my apparel for the evening. I wore a snazzy navy knit top and pants. The pants were unusual in the sense that they zipped up in the back. I felt like a million bucks.

When my friends and I arrived, we made our rounds. A song came on that we all loved and we got down. Trouble was I really got down. I pulled out all the stops and showed off my moves. I did a roll and dropped it real low. That’s when I felt a small pop. I slowly rose and wondered why there was a sudden draft by my behind. I turned to my friends and said, “Is something wrong with my pants?” Their eyes grew to the size of plums, and they quickly closed in around me, ushering me to the bathroom. Once safely inside, they turned me toward the mirror. Now my eyes got huge.

The seam had blown beside the zipper and my pants were gaping. My underwear shined through the hole like a beacon. Lord have mercy! I was mortified. I wanted to crawl in a hole. But that night, I learned a valuable lesson. Don’t be a show off. And more so, don’t wear tight pants whilst doing it.

Moral of the story: Pride goes before the rip.

What about you?

Has pride led to an embarrassing moment for you? Feel free to share it on my author page: