Are You Blind?

“Seeing” isn’t easy in our fast-paced, self-focused society. Life goes by in a blur as we rush ahead from one task to the next.

I’m guilty of this. I’m a super-motivated-achiever type of personality, which can lend to blindness.

It has taken bumps in the road in order to force me to slow down. These bumps (deep hurts, miscarriages, illnesses, tragedies) have brought me a new awareness on life. An awareness that I needed because ultimately we’re all born with innate selfishness. Of course, the way we respond to the bumps of life will also determine our route—toward bitterness or betterment. I traveled bitterness highway for a season, luckily, God helped me find a detour back to betterment road.

What I have discovered along the way is that the hardships have produced an empathy and compassion inside of my heart that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. The pain I have experienced helped me recognize the pain in others and sympathize with them. My hardships gave me new sight.

The day my nephew, Levi, was diagnosed with a duplication syndrome, my sight was again, refocused. I became aware of the struggles and obstacles facing, not only a child with special needs, but also the family. I grew observant to those I came in contact with. My heart expanded, longing to celebrate the beauty of all our differences and how we are all uniquely fashioned by a God who does not make mistakes. My nephew might have MECP2 duplication syndrome, he might be non-verbal, and his development comes slow, but he is perfect. No one can take his place. The world needs Levi in it. The same way the world needs each one of us.

No one can replace you. You are uniquely crafted and designed by the hands of a loving God. Even if you do not believe in a Creator—to bad, He believes in You. He made you.

He made our beautifully diverse world with its beautifully diverse colors. Oh, how lovely it is.

Let’s open our eyes and SEE the wonder around us.

Fashioned Perfect


I wrote this poem in honor of my nephew, Levi.

Fashioned Perfect

You are fashioned and formed
In a seamless, perfect way
I see no syndrome
I see no flaw
I know you are perfect
Fashioned by the hands of a loving God

He sees you as perfect
Whole, without blemish
Beauty on the out and beauty within
No syndrome could ever fade or dim

You are whole, you are perfect
Eyes alight that greet the day
A smile that makes the troubles fade
With strength unmatched
You defeat the odds
Your life shines as an example
That nothing, no nothing is impossible

My love, you are perfect
Whole in every way
Fashioned and formed
Seamless always

Levi might have MECP2 Duplication Syndrome, but it doesn’t define him. In the same way that God has fashioned him perfect, God has also fashioned you perfect. You have been formed by the hands of a loving God.