Honoring Our Frontline Heroes: Anthony Morales

Anthony Morales is a first responder in West Michigan, which means he works on the frontlines, at all times. Due to Covid-19, the challenges on the frontlines have increased. This pandemic is a threat that agencies haven’t experienced before. Policies and procedures are changing day-to-day in response to the outbreak, which leads to higher stress levels.

Anthony has been in law enforcement for over six years—first, in the Florida Department of Corrections, second, in the Michigan Department of Corrections, and now, as a Sheriff’s Deputy at the Kent County Jail. Corrections is not for the faint of heart. Each day presents new complexities. Anthony says that after a few years, many people find they cannot handle this line of work. Thankfully, we have men and women who are able to gird up under the difficulties, ensuring the safety and order of our cities.

As the pandemic continues to spread, correctional facilities are faced with growing challenges, one of which is social distancing. Social distancing isn’t always an option in a correctional setting. However, when it can be controlled, movement in and out of the facility is kept to a minimum.

Being on the frontlines in corrections requires courage and strength. Not just physical strength, but mental fortitude. We are proud of Anthony and the many workers in law enforcement. Thank you for stepping up and being ready. You are our heroes.

We echo the message that Anthony shares today, “Stay home. Wash your hands. We’ll get through this.”

Yes, we will get through this.

~Written By Catie Cordero (A Diverse Global Article)

If you can be anything be a peacemaker

This is an awesome poem by Susie Finkbeiner on being a peacemaker.

Susie Finkbeiner

its-just-7I spent the weekend deep in fever and soaked in herbal tea. What resulted was a small thought about making peace. After several attempts at writing them down, the best I could do was this feeble effort at a poem. Still, it’s a look into my heart for this uneven and heated election season. This is a sort of love poem for those who claim Jesus. I hope you feel my love and hope in these small thoughts.

If you can be anything
Be a peacemaker.

Make peace
The way your great-aunt
Made chocolate pies.
Light and sweet.

Make peace
The way your grandpa
Made rocking horses.
Strong and sturdy.

Make peace
The way your child
Makes birthday cards.
Shiny and pure.

Make peace
The way your God
Makes each day.
New and lovely.

If you can be anything
Be a peacemaker.
And you will be called
Children of God.

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Port-O-Captive: One of My Embarrassing Moments

Per request, I am reposting this blog. I have had many embarrassing moments, but this one really did deserve an award. (And to spice it up, I’ve included some blast-from-my-past cheerleading photos)


It was Friday night, junior year of high school. I was a cheerleader for Hamilton High, and we were at an “away” football game. Fourth quarter came to a close with our boys taking the win. It was time to pack up and load the buses for home. I knew it was a distance and should use the restroom before we left. But they didn’t have proper toilet facilities.

They had Port-O-Johns.

Stepping inside, two things automatically greeted me. Stench and Darkness. Only a little ray of moonlight peeked through a vent at the top. I plugged my nose, got the job done, and hurried to get out. Turning the lever to unlock, I pushed the door. It didn’t open. I shoved harder. Still, it didn’t budge.

I turned the lock the other way, wondering if I had done it wrong. Giving the door the old heave ho, I slammed my hip into it. It didn’t open…not even a crack. Sweat formed on my brow, and my heart increased its beats per minute.

I listened to see if anyone was around. I didn’t hear voices. Everyone would be loading the buses and what if they didn’t notice me missing? Between the horrid smell and the fear of captivity, a wire tripped inside my brain and the craziness kicked on. At the top of my lungs, I yelled, “Help! Help Me! I’m stuck in here! Please, help me!” I listened for an answer, but didn’t hear any response. I kicked the door, pounded it with my fists, and screamed for help again.  Still no one came.

My eyes darted around the John, looking for another way out. I studied the vent. It was small, but maybe I could push it out and stick my head through it. Then, I could see if anyone was still here. Standing on the toilet lid, I prepared to punch the screen when the door clicked and swung open. There stood Angie, a fellow cheerleader along with other members of my cheer squad. I rushed out of the potty prison. “Oh Angie, thank you for helping me. I can’t believe you got the door open.”

“It wasn’t hard.” She crossed her arms and grinned. “How did you manage to lock yourself in there?”

“I don’t know.” My eyes were wide from the horror.  “It wouldn’t budge, and I thought you guys were going to leave me.”

The girls broke out into heaps of laughter. “No, we didn’t leave. Everyone heard you screaming.”

I didn’t find it amusing.



How to Find the “Real” You

Shelly Beach did a great job with this blog post and I needed to share it.



I’m a child of the sixties and seventies, a time when generations of young people were busy trying to “find themselves.” I was never quite sure what that meant, although it was pretty un-hip to say it outloud at the time. If I pinched myself, I was there. If I spoke, I could hear my voice. I could see my reflection in a mirror. So the “real” me had to be there, right?


My voice, my reflection, the sensations I feel–not even my emotions–don’t make up the essence of who I am.

So who is the “real” me?

I’m not an accident or simply the biological product of the combined genes of my parents and forbears. I am not the offspring of “Mother Nature.”

I am so uniquely, complexly crafted and designed that no one else who has ever walked the earth is exactly like me. God created me…

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4 Things I’ve Learned From a Decade of Church Ministry

Recently I had this blog post featured on my dear friend, Marco Salazar’s site. Check him out to read more great posts.


4 Things I've Learned from a Decade of Church Ministry

My husband and I have served in church ministry now for over eleven years. He’s worked as a worship pastor and I have maintained several different roles. For the first 5 years, I operated as a personal assistant to a senior pastor. When we started our family, I stayed home to raise the kids but continued to volunteer and support my husband.

In these many years of ministry, we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. The truth is I’m glad I’ve seen it all. It has pushed me to search my own heart and discover the truth of God’s nature. I’ve also come to learn what the church should look like and how it should operate.

Here are 4 things I’ve learned in the last decade:

1. God is relational.

He is full of grace, love, compassion and truth. He doesn’t shy away from telling us…

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The Pastor Theologian

My dear friend, Marco Salazar, always writes great posts that will resonate with anyone on their walk with Christ or in their search for truth. I greatly admire Marco’s heart for people and his love for Jesus. I want to recommend his blog to all of my followers.



We live in an age where the pastor as CEO or the pastor as “leader” dominates the conference scene. I remember attending a Catalyst One Day Conference in Chicago several years ago. One day packed full of vision casting, leadership tips, and inspirational quotes from two of the Church’s finest leaders – Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel. I was mesmerized. They were god-like on stage and every ear was attune to their words of wisdom. I took copious notes and made it a priority to implement as much as I could into the college ministry I was leading at the time. It goes without saying that much of what leadership literature and media have to offer is valuable and necessary.

I’m just wondering if we’ve pushed the focus on leadership too far to the neglect of the study of theology. Gerald Hiestand and Todd Wilson in their book, The Pastor…

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Celebrate Christmas Variety Show with Lucy and Ricky Ricardo

It’s going to be amazing.

Jonathan and I rehearsing our opening scene

When I was asked to write an I Love Lucy script for our church production “Celebrate Christmas” and to play the role of Lucy, I started watching old episodes and laughed historically. Lucille Ball was a genius of comedy. In my opinion, there are few comedians who can do what she did. Of course, the deal was sweetened by the fact that my hispanic husband, Jonathan, is playing the role of Ricky.


Rehearsals have proved entertaining, and the dancing has proved my lack of daily exercise. Thank goodness for Advil.




Ricky and Lucy will lead you through a show full of laughs, warm moments, and Christmasy tunes. Children and adults alike will enjoy this show. There is something for everyone: Comedy, broadway kick-line and hip-hop, FROZEN medley with Olaf, and more.

I would personally like to invite you to come. It will be a memorable time.

Performances will be on:
December 20 – 6 PM
December 21- 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, and 5 PM

Resurrection Life Church
5100 Ivanrest Ave SW
Grandville, MI 49423

Monday Morning Humor: Vintage Ad’s from the early 1900’s







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