Ramble and Roar: A 1920’s Novel

This is an adventurous story about a debutante-turned-flapper named Eliza Belcourt who travels to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a famous jazz singer. But her sparkling dream comes with a price, and the Irish mob is ready to collect. As Eliza grasps for success and love, she finds that her city of bright promise might offer only dazzling lies.

Ramble and Roar is an honest, daring story that captures the pleasure–seeking decade of the 1920s in all its glory and grit.

Marvel and Mayhem: A 1920’s Sequel (Coming Out March 22, 2019)

Audacious flapper, Mattie O’Keefe must undertake a journey that will drop her in a place she never dreamed of, a farm, in the middle of nowhere. She would rather work her pitiful life away in a crummy diner than be on a forsaken farm, but she’s stuck. If she leaves its concealed security, it could mean her death, and she’s not ready to die.

Superhero Levi

Superhero Levi is a story based on my nephew, Levi Slenk, who has MECP2 duplication syndrome. In a first-person narrative, the reader joins Levi in his struggles and victories that are different from those another child his age might face. Though he has to work hard, he never gives up. No matter what life may throw, he knows he can take it because he’s a superhero.

This book teaches children about special needs and disabilities through a viewpoint that they can comprehend: a superhero that embarks on a life adventure, encountering obstacles and triumphs. This story can be used in a home or classroom to teach children about disabilities and to encourage all children to press on no matter what difficulties they might face in school or in life.



The Magic Snow Globe
Join the twins, Willow and Wendell Potter on an adventure that will reveal the secret to real Christmas magic.

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