STANDING LOST: my journals through miscarriage

When your heart is ripped open, the last thing you want to do is read.

I have lost two children. After both miscarriages, friends and family handed me several books. I didn’t read any of them. I didn’t want someone’s how-to-heal tips. One thing I learned about grief—it’s oftentimes lonely. You rest in that place of unyielding pain, feeling lost. The world continues to go on around you but you’re cemented in place.

Every year, I encounter more and more friends that have grieved the loss of a child. It’s like a secret club that you only discover once you yourself have suffered loss. It’s a sad thing that most women don’t talk about, and yet, it’s so very common. So many women have suffered the death of a child. Many of us are in the club.

That’s why I decided to share my story. Standing Lost is a collection of my journal entries, my pleas to God, and my grasping for ways to somehow go on. My hope is that maybe this book will help you feel less alone, knowing that someone else has walked the road that none of us expected to travel.

Marvel and Mayhem: A 1920’s Sequel

Harrisburg, PA, 1926

New York City flapper, Mattie O’Keefe, lives and breathes for the next rush. City life is all she’s ever known but a tragic disaster forces her to hide somewhere she never dreamed of, a farm. She despises everything about this forsaken place—dirt, animals, an outhouse, and Grant Emery. But if she leaves its concealed security, it will mean her death, and she’s not ready to die.

Grant Emery disagrees with his grandmother’s decision to take Mattie on as a farmhand. He believes the wild redhead will only create more toil upon their already struggling farm. However, when mayhem ensues, he finds that the person he needs to beat their rival is the last one he’d ever choose—Mattie O’Keefe.

Sometimes survival can take a providential twist.

“A fresh take on the turbulent 1920’s, an era that springs to life under Cordero’s pen. With snappy dialogue and a collision course of city meets country, this novel brims over with heart, wit, and a larger-than-life heroine you can’t get enough of.”

~Jocelyn Green, award-winning author of Between Two Shores

“This story is a fast-moving ride full of endearing characters that will capture your imagination and sweep you back into the prohibition era and the stories of its conniving mafia, wealthy upper-crust, and struggling farmers. Prepare to journey through tragedy, heartache, and, eventually, hope.”

~ Shawn Smucker, author of The Day the Angels Fell

“Marvel and Mayhem is my favourite kind of historical read: exceptionally researched, completely immersive and flourished with a cast of characters caught in the whirlwind of an era at the crux of conscience and self-preservation.”

~Rachel McMillan, author of the Van Buren and DeLuca series


Ramble and Roar: A 1920’s Novel

New York City, 1925

A place abounding with every good and glittering thing, or so Eliza Belcourt believes…

Leaving behind a broken heart and her parents’ selfish expectations, Eliza flees to Manhattan’s sleepless streets hoping to become the next famous jazz singer. But every sparkling dream comes with a price, and the Irish mob is ready to collect. As Eliza grasps for success and love, she finds that her city of bright promise might offer only dazzling lies.

Ramble and Roar is an honest, daring adventure that captures the pleasure–seeking decade of the 1920s in all its glory and grit.

“A debut that blasts out of the gate with all the exuberance of the Roaring Twenties, Ramble and Roar is a joyride of a book.”
~Heather Day Gilbert, award-winning, bestselling author of The Vikings of the New World Saga

“A spirited tale that will capture readers from the first chapter.”
~Ann Byle, book reviewer and author of Christian Publishing 101

“Meticulously researched and deftly written, this work of historical fiction brings both the grit and glitter of the Roaring Twenties to life.”
~Todd J. Wiebe, Research Librarian and Associate Professor, Hope College

“The reader cannot help but experience the full tension between innocence and corruption, tradition and change, fatalism and hope that characterized the Roaring 20s.”
~Susie Finkbeiner, CBA bestselling author of The Pearl Spence Series



Superhero Levi

Superhero Levi is a story based on my nephew, Levi, who has MECP2 duplication syndrome. In a first-person narrative, the reader joins Levi in his struggles and victories that are different from those another child his age might face. Though he has to work hard, he never gives up. No matter what life may throw, he knows he can take it because he’s a superhero.

This book teaches children about special needs and disabilities through a viewpoint that they can comprehend: a superhero that embarks on a life adventure, encountering obstacles and triumphs. This story can be used in a home or classroom to teach children about disabilities and to encourage all children to press on no matter what difficulties they might face in school or in life.


The Magic Snow Globe

Twins, Willow and Wendell Potter, purchase a snow globe from a local antique store. That night, they discover that the globe is magic. With a chime of a bell, they are transported to new lands with fairies and toy soldiers. As they embark on this magical adventure, the twins will learn the secret to real Christmas magic.