This post celebrates one of my favorite things: Coffee.
Go on…Enjoy!

Gull Landing, Pentwater, MI. One of the best cups of black coffee in my life!
Silver Lake, MI. Cheap Coffee. Great View.
That moment of bliss.

Coffee is Good For You: John Tesh Said So!


I love John Tesh’s radio show called, “Intelligence for Your Life.” It’s gives awesome facts and helpful hints for everyday living. Well, a few days ago was one of his best topics yet…wait for it…

Coffee is Healthy!

Here are the points that John Tesh said on his broadcast (I have quoted him from his website):

  1. Coffee protects your heart. Nutrition expert Dr. Kerri-Ann Jennings says that coffee has more antioxidants per serving than blueberries, and all those antioxidants help reduce damaging inflammation in your arteries. In fact, studies show that coffee drinkers have lower rates of stroke than non-coffee drinkers.
  2. It cuts your diabetes risk. The antioxidants make your cells more sensitive to insulin, which helps regulate your blood sugar. So, drinking it lowers your risk of developing type-2 diabetes.
  3. Also, your liver loves coffee. It only takes two cups of coffee a day to cut your risk for developing liver cancer in half. Scientists think the antioxidants and the caffeine prevent liver inflammation and stop the growth of cancer cells.
  4. Another reason to sip a cup ‘o joe: It boosts your brain power. It cuts your risk of developing dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. Again, it’s the antioxidants that protect brain cells from damage, and helps boost cognitive function.
  5. The final reason to keep drinking coffee: It helps your headaches. Studies show that 200 milligrams of caffeine provides relief from all headaches, including migraines. That’s about two cups of coffee. Scientists aren’t sure exactly how that works, but they know that caffeine boosts the activity of brain cells, which causes the blood vessels to constrict. One theory is that this constriction helps relieve the pressure that causes the pain.

To get the most from your coffee, experts suggest drinking between two and five cups a day.

Thank you, John Tesh!

Coffee is good for us. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Let’s put on another pot!




My 6 Strategies for Successful Writing


With a preschooler and four-month old baby, I have plenty to occupy my day. So when those blessed moments of writing time arrive, I need to make the most of them.

Here are six strategies that help me and hopefully might help you as well:

#6. Coffee- For me, coffee and writing go hand in hand. Try brewing a cup, maybe two. Double your pleasure, double your fun.

#5. Personal Music Playlist- I like to listen to music that inspires me while I write, which usually boils down to well-written music. Among my iTunes line-up are: Counting Crows, Coldplay, Alison Krauss, Phil Collins, Mumford & Sons and a dash of awesome 80’s hits for kicks!

#4. Character Storyboard- With each novel, I print pictures of people that mirror the characters I envision inside my mind. Then I pin the characters with their name tags on a cork-board beside my computer. It is a constant visual.

#3. Recheck My Chapter Timeline- Before I even begin writing a book, a detailed outline is formed. I design concise chapter by chapter timelines that layout my novels from beginning to end. There is always room for creative tangents and turns, but I prefer to have direction instead of writing blind. Therefore, when I sit down to write, my time is used more efficiently. I know where I left off and where to pick up simply by reviewing the timeline.

#2. Free-write- Get it out, then clean it up. I hate getting hung up on a scene and then forgetting the great idea I had for another. Get your thoughts down first. You can always go back.

#1. Prayer- I’m not so creative that I can do it on my own. My best ideas come from the Lord, every time. He is my faithful writing consultant, editor, inventor, teacher, and motivator.

Happy Writing!

I think I’ll go brew a cup of Meijer Organics Breakfast Blend. It’s sensational.

Vacation Station

View of Silver Lake from our balcony

Two weeks ago, Jonathan and I celebrated our seven-year anniversary by taking a two-day trip to Silver Lake and Pentwater, Michigan. If you haven’t ever visited these beautiful cities, it’s time to schedule a trip!

Morning cup of joe on the beach outside our hotel

Our third floor room at the Waterfront Dunes Resort overlooked the view of Silver Lake and the sands dunes. We rented a wave runner and cruised the lake. We enjoyed the scenery, but more importantly, we created major waves! (Sorry little kayaks…you should have rented a wave runner.) After nearly tipping twice, we docked by the dunes, climbed the tallest one, and ran down like a couple of kids. It was awesome!

That evening, we drove fifteen minutes north to Pentwater, jamming to the tunes of my beloved 80’s music.

Pentwater is a small village with a gorgeous marina and quaint shops. Our favorite stores were Gustafson’s Antiques, Storybook Village, and the Nautical Shop.

Pentwater Marina
The Nautical Shop
Gull Landing:
Jonathan’s Salmon
Gull Landing:
My Pasta Dish. Yum!

One of the hottest spots was Gull Landing. We loved this restaurant so much that we ate there twice (dinner and lunch). Yes…it was that good. At dinner, they had a live band covering classic jazz hits. Jonathan ordered salmon, and I ordered pasta. It was incredible.

But the best part of all was…the coffee!

Douwe Egberts Coffee
Life Just Got Better!

It was a Dutch coffee called Douwe Egberts. It was rich and smooth. Upon further investigation, I located Douwe Egberts not only online, but locally in the International Foods aisle at Meijer! Now I can enjoy a cup or more of this delicious coffee every day! Hooray!