My form of O.C.D: Obsessive Christmas Disorder


Christmas starts early for me. Jingle bells is playing in July, and my kids and I veg-out to Frosty the Snowman any month of the year. Some might think I’m crazy, but the fact is, I like my Obsessive Christmas Disorder. It’s fun. I can hardly wait for Halloween to end so that I can haul out my decorations. (Note, I would be tempted to do it earlier, but my husband helps me with restraint.) Opening my totes of Christmas things puts a smile on my face. Granted, I’m not a big fan of the cold and snow, but I sure do love my collection of snowmen figurines.

My husband likes his fake duck mount to be out all year round, so Mr. Quackers is wearing a festive bow tie.


My home becomes a Christmas wonderland starting on November 1st. I’m not entirely sure what my neighbors think when they see my tree up in the front window, but by now, I doubt that they’re surprised. The following pictures are just a few snip-its of my home in all its Christmas glory.

My son rearranges the bottom ornaments throughout the day. It’s a new hobby.
I love my Christmas village. Trouble is that my kids do too. My poor little Dickens carolers have seen better days. Missing hands. Broken violins. Characters that have been crazy-glued more than five times.
More snowmen
My Christmas cabinet

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The Creative Touch


Am I partial, absolutely, but its for good reason. Changing Thymes, located in Grandville, Michigan, recently welcomed a new booth into their store. It’s called The Creative Touch. It’s a special booth because not only are there sweet knick knacks and collectibles, but there’s a variety of handcrafted and hand painted items. Who is the painter, you ask? Her name is Cindy Overbeek. She is my mother, and I’m proud of that.

My mother has been painting for over thirty years and has traveled both in and out of state doing arts and craft shows. Her paintings cover a wide range: still-lifes, signage, realism, florals, chic, and more. The pieces also vary in size and style. Within my home, I have many of my mother’s painted pictures and furnishings.

Cindy is a gifted artist and has a sharp eye for detail. Below are current pictures from her booth. I encourage you to check out The Creative Touch today! (Located in the left wing of the building)
2900 Wilson, Grandville, Michigan 49418









Our New Home: All Built and Getting Settled

Every morning I wake up, I’m thankful for God’s great blessings.  When we began house hunting over a year ago, I never dreamed we would build, but Beard Construction made our dream a reality. A big thank you to Wendell and Lance Beard, an amazing father-son duo.

Here is our home that the Lord has blessed us with. I’ve included pictures of the rooms we have been able to decorate so far.


The Kitchen
Living Room and Dining Room
Guest Bathroom
Garden Theme Guest Bath
My Son’s John Deere Bedroom
The Chicken Coop and Enclosed Run
Backyard and Woods

1920’s Holiday Photos

Around this time of year, I get Holiday Fever. I feel the compulsion to bedazzle everything in holly, bulbs, and Christmas lights. Since our house isn’t complete yet, I cannot unleash my many Christmas decorations. Thus, I have decided to live vicariously through these great 1920 holiday photos I found on the internet.

Join me in the fun:

Hey, they didn’t have Meijer or Walmart to purchase the turkey.
Barbara Kent seems especially eager to start carving in this Universal studios photo from the late 1920s.
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. These balloon characters are slightly scary to me.
Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five: (from left) Louis Armstrong, Johnny St. Cyr, Johnny Dodds, Kid Ory, and Lil Hardin Armstrong

I have a collection of old holiday music and boy, you know when Louis starts to sing! You can’t mistake his awesome gritty tone and when he plays the trumpet, woo-wee, that’s good stuff!

And let’s not forget the amazing, Ella Fitzgerald. She is beautiful in every way.

Ella Jane Fitzgerald (April 25, 1917– June 15, 1996), also known as Lady Ella (the First Lady of Song). She was one of the most influential jazz singers of the 20th Century.



F. Scott Fitzgerald and Family Dancing
F. Scott Fitzgerald, wife Zelda, and child. F. Scott was a pivotal author in the 1920’s.
Martha Sleeper was a silent film star in the 1920’s.
Fun group photo of Flapper friends.
The sign in the window says you can buy a doll that walks and talks for $2.98. What a deal!
Dickey family photo, 1922. They sure look cheerful at Christmas time. It must be the contagious holiday spirit in the room.
Another happy family photo.
Movie Star: Clara Bow


That chair might be a little too small.

Enjoy the Season!

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I Smolder for Older


The door opens, and my heart pumps faster. A sheen of sweat forms upon my palms as I gaze at the beautiful bounty before me. My eyes narrow, ready for the hunt.

Flaring once, my nostrils recognize the scent. Ah yes…this is the place. They’ve got…


The joyous search is full of surprise and unknown. What you might see, you’ll never know. But boy, it’s bound to be good. This how I feel each time I enter a vintage shop or antique store.

Given the choice between new and modern or used with character…I’ll take the old. Give me history. Give me rusty gold. Give me something that doesn’t fit the trendy mold.

I don’t need a match, just one to snatch. Faded can be fabulous and rusted oh so sheik, when the objects are priceless antiques.

Fifty-year-old spoons cause my spine to tingle with joy.


A primitive oilcan is love at first glance.


And oh, don’t get me started on the hats. Bonnets with a veil…mama mia.


Wooden storage trunk, yes please.


An old chair with dead mice? Hmmm, no problem. I’ll make it nice. A pair of rubber gloves and some antiseptic spray. Pull out the nests, scrub, polish and fix the bottom. Boom. Bang. It’s a winner.  And it looks great in my bedroom.


I haven’t got qualms when a piece needs some work. I can roll up my sleeves, I ain’t scared of dirt.

There’s something cozy about country and collectibles. I use them everyone. Tins. Teapots. Canisters. Trinkets. Umm. Umm. Good.



My heart is for the things that have a story, as a writer, it makes things have much more meaning. And beauty too.

What about you? Do you share my  love of old?

Christmas Decorating at Casa de Cordero

We have a lot of fun each year getting out the bins of Christmas decorations! It’s a big deal at our home.

Isabella hung the first ornament this year. She was very proud of herself.

Then we added more and more ornaments, beads, and a ribbon!

Boy, do we love our tree!

It all turned out quite nicely.

The Beauty of a Ball…Jar

My new favorite is turquoise ball jars.

Not only are they pretty, but they are also practical.

There are so many ways you can use a Ball…


They look great on a shelf.
Perfect for Utensils


Lights up Our Living Room






It’s fun to explore and be creative. Go ahead. Buy yourself some Balls today!


I have to admit my shame.

I started even earlier this year. Yes, it’s true…

I’ve begun listening to Christmas music. The moment the air gets a bit crisp, my radar flips to fall/ winter, and I bust out the tunes.

Holiday fever has set in. I’ve already watched “Elf” and drank hot cocoa.

Last October 31st, in between handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, I set up my Christmas tree. My holiday epidemic seems to get worse each year, but who am I kidding…I love it!

Each time September winds down, my heart ramps up. A gleam enters my eyes as I pull out the harvest decorations. Thoughts of apples, pumpkins, and cider fill my thoughts. Fall naturally blends into Christmas for me. Oftentimes, they unite inside my brain.

I love the season and here’s a few reasons:

Color-Changing Leaves and Fun Fall Piles

Apple Orchards and Pumpkin Patches

Costume Harvest Parties and Free Candy!

Christmas Tree Hunts and Decorating

Our first three years of marriage, we traveled to Doumel Farms and cut down a fresh pine tree.
The smell of pine needles filled our home.
But the joy of fresh pines wore off with the hardship of cleaning up the needles and constant pricks. We caved and bought a tree at the Home Depot.
We love our imitation Christmas tree!

Santa Sightings

Isabella’s first time meeting Santa.

Snowmen, Sledding, and Outdoor Fun

Frosty Cordero

Christmas Extravaganzas

Christmas Masquerade at Bay Valley Christian Church in Bay City, MI

Christmas Family Functions

Christmas with Jonathan’s family in Florida. It’s strange to celebrate Christmas in flip-flops.

And Let’s Be Honest…Presents!

Yes, we were excited by the gift of money!
Nothing like getting a kitten for Christmas.

Country Chic

My New Kitchen Decor

Since I’ve embraced my farm girl passion, I’ve begun to redecorate my home. Pinterest and Country Sampler magazines have given me a vast gamut of ideas, which revolve around my love of chickens, farm landscapes, plaid, and antiques.

As I searched for the perfect pieces, a light bulb clicked on inside my head. I should have some items custom designed. I’m very close to a talented local artist named Cindy Overbeek. She’s a phenomenal painter, and I knew she’d give me a great deal. You might be wondering who is this woman…let me clarify.

She’s my mom.

That’s right! The artist is my beautiful mother. I’m a very lucky girl.

I told my mom what I wanted for my kitchen, and she worked her magic. I now possess a variety of lovely things all with a stamp of originality.

Painted Milk Can by Cindy Overbeek. My Cat Henry Thought He Needed to Be in the Photo.
Closer Image of the Barn and Farm Scene Painted With Acrylics
Watering Can That Sits on Corner Shelf

I’m so grateful for my mother, and I feel privileged to have her handiwork in my home. She’s terrific, not only in art, but also in deed. She’s a generous and wonderful woman of God. I love you, Mom. You’re the best!

A Large View