Merry Christmas from the Cordero Family and Our Elf

Today is Christmas!!! Last night, our elf prepped the other animals by reading Twas the Night Before Christmas. I think they really enjoyed it.

My family wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Blessings to you all.
IMG_0990 IMG_0992

Star Shine our Elf on the Shelf: Fishing and More

Star Shine our Elf on the Shelf is still going strong with her nightly antics. She’s a clever one this elf.


Fishing for goldfish crackers in the bathroom sink and even caught one!
Star Shine had a surprise for my daughter after she spent the night at her grandma’s house.



Update on the Adventures of Our Elf: Ramps and Parachutes

Apparently, our elf on the shelf is a bit of a daredevil. I caught her alone in a purple convertible with Ken. She sat awful close to him at the top of a ramp built with Christmas presents. (I doubt Barbie liked that very much.) The following day, I found her parachuting from the ceiling van. Dear me, who knows what she’ll do next.




Our Elf on the Shelf: Dress Up, Naughty List, and Candy Canes

Star Shine, our elf on the shelf, has been busy these last three nights. She’s an active little gal.

Trying on Barbie Clothes
She told these animals that they were on the naughty list. It didn’t go over well.
Candy Canes in our Stockings. Yummy!

Our Elf on the Shelf: Star Shine

Last night, we brought home a special little friend. She’s an elf that we have named Star Shine. On her box, it says that she possesses Christmas magic. Well I didn’t believe it was true, but when my family woke up this morning, we found something rather amazing. It looks like Star Shine and some Disney Princesses had a little party last night and made a tree out of Hersey kisses and toothpicks.


Star Shine even wrote us a note.


We’re very excited to see what will happen next. I’ll keep you posted!