A Magical Christmas Adventure

Looking for gift ideas for your kids, nieces or nephews, or co-workers children? Look no further. Give a book. Not just any book–a Christmas story filled with awe, wonder, and adventure. What book is this? THE MAGIC SNOW GLOBE.

In this story, you will join twins, Willow and Wendell Potter, on an exploration of magical worlds, transported through none other than an antique snow globe.

In each new land, the twins will discover secrets to real Christmas magic and the joy that fills the holiday season.

Here’s a few pictures from the book.

Fairy Forest

Toy Town
Mermaid Reef

Blast From the Past: My First Christmas as a Mrs.

I have always loved Christmas! Luckily, I married a man who loves it just as much as me. On our first Christmas, we hunted for the perfect tree at Doumel Tree Farms. Then we cut it down and brought it back to our tiny home in Bay City, MI. Check out these photos from eleven years ago! We looked so young.






Opening gifts at my parents’ house. My Dad always give his own”special” presents. Usually a lot of white elephant trinkets from the dollar store. It’s a blast!


My form of O.C.D: Obsessive Christmas Disorder


Christmas starts early for me. Jingle bells is playing in July, and my kids and I veg-out to Frosty the Snowman any month of the year. Some might think I’m crazy, but the fact is, I like my Obsessive Christmas Disorder. It’s fun. I can hardly wait for Halloween to end so that I can haul out my decorations. (Note, I would be tempted to do it earlier, but my husband helps me with restraint.) Opening my totes of Christmas things puts a smile on my face. Granted, I’m not a big fan of the cold and snow, but I sure do love my collection of snowmen figurines.

My husband likes his fake duck mount to be out all year round, so Mr. Quackers is wearing a festive bow tie.


My home becomes a Christmas wonderland starting on November 1st. I’m not entirely sure what my neighbors think when they see my tree up in the front window, but by now, I doubt that they’re surprised. The following pictures are just a few snip-its of my home in all its Christmas glory.

My son rearranges the bottom ornaments throughout the day. It’s a new hobby.
I love my Christmas village. Trouble is that my kids do too. My poor little Dickens carolers have seen better days. Missing hands. Broken violins. Characters that have been crazy-glued more than five times.
More snowmen
My Christmas cabinet

Shirt Reference: http://www.lookhuman.com/design/33935-i-have-ocd

Our New Home: All Built and Getting Settled

Every morning I wake up, I’m thankful for God’s great blessings.  When we began house hunting over a year ago, I never dreamed we would build, but Beard Construction made our dream a reality. A big thank you to Wendell and Lance Beard, an amazing father-son duo.

Here is our home that the Lord has blessed us with. I’ve included pictures of the rooms we have been able to decorate so far.


The Kitchen
Living Room and Dining Room
Guest Bathroom
Garden Theme Guest Bath
My Son’s John Deere Bedroom
The Chicken Coop and Enclosed Run
Backyard and Woods

Snow Skiing in the 1920’s…With An Added Bonus of Horses

The roaring twenties was characterized by pleasure-seeking youth and adults who craved the next thrill. Hence, adventurous activities, grew in popularity.

Skiing was one of those. People flocked to the slopes both for fun and sport.

Recreational Skiing on Hollyburn Mountain. (Reference: http://www.hollyburnheritage.ca/recreational-skiing/recreational-skiing-in-cypress-provincial-park/recreational-skiing-on-hollyburn-mountain-1920-s-1930-s-photos/)
Competitors line up for the July 1923 cross-country ski race on Mount Rainier. Hans-Otto Giese wears number 15, next to the pole with the Norwegian flag. Photo: Giese archives. (Reference: http://written-in-the-snows.net/far-country4.html)

And if the regular form of skiing wasn’t enough thrill, many folks added a horse and reigns. This sport is called Ski-joring.


Thanksgiving Rooster

My Rooster Named Morph

Our Thanksgiving morning was a bit unusual this year.

Of course, we first had breakfast while we watched the Macy’s Day Parade. But once we’d drained our coffee, we donned our winter apparel and headed into the snow to fetch the rooster.

Over the last few months, my rooster Morph has morphed into a bad boy. He has developed a big ego, probably due to the fact that he’s grown into such a behemoth and thinks he’s a stud. Morph constantly bugs the girls, especially my dear, Aretha. He has the biggest infactuation with her, which means he’s relentless. She hides in the nest box most of the time. And since the girls are so fast, he now tries to grab them with his beak. Poor Ginger, got caught by her cone. The little girl was bleeding pretty terrible.

Well, that did it, it was time for Mama Catie to intervene on behalf of her girls.

Opening the gate to the run, I scooped Morph into my arms. And that sucker hauled off and bit me in the hand! Let me tell you…that sealed the deal. Chicken dinner…coming up!

Step One: Cut Off The Head
Step Two: Stick Bird into Boiling Water for About Thirty Seconds
Step Three: Pluck Feathers Off the Bird and Singe Off Any Leftover Hairs
Step Four: Cook the Bird and Set the Table for Dinner!

1920’s Holiday Photos

Around this time of year, I get Holiday Fever. I feel the compulsion to bedazzle everything in holly, bulbs, and Christmas lights. Since our house isn’t complete yet, I cannot unleash my many Christmas decorations. Thus, I have decided to live vicariously through these great 1920 holiday photos I found on the internet.

Join me in the fun:

Hey, they didn’t have Meijer or Walmart to purchase the turkey.
Barbara Kent seems especially eager to start carving in this Universal studios photo from the late 1920s.
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. These balloon characters are slightly scary to me.
Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five: (from left) Louis Armstrong, Johnny St. Cyr, Johnny Dodds, Kid Ory, and Lil Hardin Armstrong

I have a collection of old holiday music and boy, you know when Louis starts to sing! You can’t mistake his awesome gritty tone and when he plays the trumpet, woo-wee, that’s good stuff!

And let’s not forget the amazing, Ella Fitzgerald. She is beautiful in every way.

Ella Jane Fitzgerald (April 25, 1917– June 15, 1996), also known as Lady Ella (the First Lady of Song). She was one of the most influential jazz singers of the 20th Century.



F. Scott Fitzgerald and Family Dancing
F. Scott Fitzgerald, wife Zelda, and child. F. Scott was a pivotal author in the 1920’s.
Martha Sleeper was a silent film star in the 1920’s.
Fun group photo of Flapper friends.
The sign in the window says you can buy a doll that walks and talks for $2.98. What a deal!
Dickey family photo, 1922. They sure look cheerful at Christmas time. It must be the contagious holiday spirit in the room.
Another happy family photo.
Movie Star: Clara Bow


That chair might be a little too small.

Enjoy the Season!

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Only 3 Weeks Until Our Home Is Done: Update on the Building Project

Front of Home

Our home is nearly done!!! Thank you for joining us and cheering with us as we have traveled the road of building. It is truly an adventure.

All the siding is complete, the pavement is poured, the walls are finished and are ready to be painted. We have chosen all our appliances, light fixtures, and purchased a mailbox. Here are some photos to catch you up:

Back View of Siding
Garage with Brick Panels
The Driveway is Poured!
At the side entrance, we put our hand prints into the wet cement. My baby boy wasn’t so sure about the experience.
Kitchen and Hall
Living Room
Appliance Shopping
The Creek Behind the House
Jonathan Bow Hunting in the Tree Stand on Our Property

Why Should Kids Have All The Fun?

Costume Party 2008. Jonathan is Jack Sparrow and I’m a flapper!

Adults should dress up in costumes more often.

It is downright healthy to step out of the normal, everyday pattern and be silly, free, and have fun! Dressing up like a different character is a sure-fire way to do that!

Children love to pretend. The moment they put on a spiderman suit or tinker bell dress, they truly believe they can scale walls or fly. Their imaginations soar as they create their own adventure.  It’s fun to watch them play, but you know what’s even more fun…joining them!

The other day, my daughter asked me to play fairies with her. She put on her new, green fairy gown, and I put on my old, white fairy costume from when I was a teenager (yes, I still have it!) Together, we flew around the house and pretended to frost things (including grandpa) with our magic wands. It was a blast! I laughed hard, and it made me feel like a child again.

And you know, it got me thinking, adults ought to have fun like this more often. Costume parties or murder mystery game nights are great for adults. It helps us drop our old-fart habits for a little while and laugh. It’s so good to laugh.

I looked back at pictures from some costume parties we’ve held or attended. The photos alone make me smile.

Friends in Bay City, MI
Chinese Murder Mystery Party


Here’s my advice: Put on a costume! See what fun awaits you!

Make a wish!
Jack meets Cher.
Batman (my dad) and his little kitten (my mother). The bee…my daughter Isabella.

My Chickens Are Chicken


It’s official. My girls hate the snow.

All six hens are completely “chicken.”

Even when its a soft layer, they don’t like to come out of the coop. However, the younger girls sometimes get pecked out the door by Lily and Tiffany, my dominant hens. Those naughty girls.

When the hens’ feet touch the snow, they do a sort of cha-cha, by lifting one foot and then the other. Poor things. It has to be cold.

Today, Lily was picking on Aretha. She squawked when she sank into the snow. Her black feathers bustled to get her un-lodged, and she scurried back into the coop.


The hens usual roaming about the run has been replaced by consistent dining inside the coop. Egg production is way down and food consumption is way up. Thanks a lot ladies.

Enjoy it now my fat feathered beauties, because come spring time…I’m expecting six eggs a day!